50 Years of Radio West Middlesex

On Whit Saturday 1967, Radio West Middlesex's first programme was broadcast to patients of the West Middlesex hospital.50 years later, that programme, our record request show Needle Talk, still goes out on Saturday mornings and is still presented by its original host - but Radio West Mid has come a long way since then.Over the years our output has grown as more members have joined and added their skills and interests to create more varied and interesting programmes. In 1967 our one hour request programme was recorded on a Friday evening and replayed over the headphone system the next morning. In the early seventies we built our own studio within the hospital which enabled us to produce more frequent and adventurous programmes. With an eye to the future, we are always upgrading our facilities to improve our service to our listeners.  In recent years we have received the accolade of being judged among the best Hospital Radio Stations in the country. Among the awards we have received was 'Highly Commended' in the Station of the Year category of the prestigious Hospital Radio Awards 2000 and 2006 and 'Commended' in 2005. In 2002 we were proud to be presented with a special achievement award by the hospital trust.  Not only do awards like these naturally make us all feel very happy and proud, but also give us great encouragement in our activities. Everybody who works on Radio West Middlesex is a volunteer - whether it's our engineers who maintain our equipment, our team members you see around the wards or those presenters that you hear 'on air'. They all choose to devote a good amount of their spare time to Radio West Middlesex - and come from a variety of backgrounds. The occupations of our members range from actors to shop workers; from the retired to students and from those who work in broadcasting to occupations in specialist areas like computing. Every penny we spend on equipment, records and other necessities is raised by the efforts of our members - and through the generosity of our supporters, be they members of the public, or local organisations and businesses. If you're reading this as a patient, we hope that during your - hopefully short - stay in hospital, you'll sample some of Radio West Mid's variety of programmes. We feel that there's something to interest everyone in our schedules. The team also look forward to meeting you when they come around the wards. For fifty years our motto has always been 'A friend at your bedside' - we hope you'll agree.